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Auld Lang Syne (The New Year's Anthem, Fireworks Version) Maria Carey Song Music


  Who's Comments=It is actually originally a mourning song. If you would listen to the original lyrics by Dougie McLean, you'd know that. But for some reason people have forgotten why this song is treated as the New Years Anthem. It is not to celebrate the New Year, it is to honour the OLD year and the people who've died in it.=Actually...the lyrics were written by Scottish poet Robert Burns back in the late 18th century...1788 to be exact. I should know because I'm a descendant of Burns and know all about him=I gotta say, this song is wonderful. It offers a more upbeat, contemporary feel to Robert Burns' 1788 song. I think Mariah did outstanding...and this is coming from someone who is a descendant of Robert Burns. Well done Mariah...this is by far one of my favorite renditions of this song.=

I absolutely LOVE this song and it's tradition to play it as the New Year rings in and December 31 is my Birthday! Whooo-hoooooo! EVERYBODY parties for my birthday!!!

Mariah did an awesome job giving this song some modern pizzazzzzzzzz!!! I don't think the song was meant to be depressing so much as reminiscent of the past...idk... JMHO! Mariah is more beautiful than ever! ;)


Maria Carey Music Song  - Oh Santa!



  Who's Comments=Wow I love the video, I like the Gospel sound and the choir and dancers. Like church on the 25th and 1950s all at once.=I know no one is reading this, but maybe somebody will and thats why I'm willing to take the risk. I am a singer and It is my dream to be a recording artist. I know that God has blessed me with a gift and I want so badly to share that with the world, but its easier said than done. I'm just a young man with a dream. If you could, please check out my music video called "ask about me" on my channel, and like this comment. That would mean the world to me :) God bless yall.
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